List of the Alpine World Championships    




                                    Before the World War II


         19-23.02.1931.         Muerren, Switzerland, (FIS Races)
         04-06.02.1932.         Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy (FIS Races)
         06-10.02.1933.         Innsbruck, Austria, (FIS Races)
         15-17.02.1934.         Sankt Moritz, Switzerland, (FIS Races)
         22-25.02.1935.         Muerren, Switzerland, (FIS Races)
         21-22.02.1936.         Innsbruck, Austria (FIS Races)
         11-18.02.1937.         Chamonix, France
         05-06.03.1938.         Engelberg, Switzerland
         15-18.02.1939.         Zakopane, Poland

                                    After the World War II


         13-18.02.1950.          Aspen, U.S.A.,
         01-07.03.1954.          Aare, Sweden,
         02-09.02.1958.          Bad Gastein, Austria,
         10-18.02.1962.          Chamonix, France,
         06-14.08.1966.          Portillo, Chile,
         08-15.02.1970.          Selva di Val Gardena, Italy,
         03-10.02.1974.          Sankt Moritz, Switzerland
    29.01-05.02.1978.          Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany
    28.01-07.02.1982.          Schladming, Austria
    31.01-10.02.1985.          Bormio, Italy
    27.01-08.02.1987.          Crans-Montana, Switzerland
    29.01-12.02.1989.          Vail, U.S.A.,
    22.01-03.02.1991.          Saalbach, Austria,
         04-14.02.1993.          Morioka-Shizukushi, Japan
         12-25.02.1996.          Sierra Nevada, Spain,
         03-15.02.1997.          Sestriere, Italy,
         02-14.02.1999.          Vail, U.S.A.,
    28.01-10.02.2001.          Sankt Anton, Austria
         02-16.02.2003           Sankt Moritz, Switzerland*
    29.01-13.02.2005           Bormio, Italy*
         03-18.02.2007           Åre, Sweden


    * From 2003 onwards, FIS website is giving complete data
    for all events. So there was no need to reproduce them
    here. Instead, only external links to FIS site are given.


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