19-23.02.1931. Muerren, Switzerland,                




1st FIS races

            19.02.1931.                            Slalom, women
            20.02.1931.                            Downhill, women
            20.02.1931.                            Alpine Combined, women **
            20.02.1931.                            Downhill, men
            21.02.1931.                            Long Downhill, women *
            21.02.1931.                            Long Downhill, men *
            23.02.1931.                            Slalom, men
            23.02.1931.                            Alpine Combined, men **



            Major races of 1931.

List of the Alpine World Championships



            * "Long" downhills later were not recognized by FIS as the World Championship

            ** Also, due to exceptionally hard snowfall throughout this event,
            all courses were substantially shorter than originally planed, so it was
            thought incorrect to calculate the Alpine Combined points. Although,
            the clear winner would be Esme Mackinnon of Great Britain, who won all three
            races among the women, and Walter Prager of Switzerland among the men, whose
            advantage in Downhill of 26 seconds (sic!) was beyond reach.