28.01-07.02.1982. Schladming/Haus im Ennstal, Austria           





World Championships



28.01.1982.                            Combined Downhill, women  at 11h
 31.01.1982.                            Combined Slalom, women  at 10h/12h
 31.01.1982.                            Alpine Combined, women

 01.02.1982.                            Combined Slalom, men  at 10h/12h

 02.02.1982.                            Giant Slalom, women at 10/13h

 03.02.1982.                            Giant Slalom, men at 10/13h

 04.02.1982.                            Downhill, women at 12h

 05.02.1982.                            Combined Downhill, men  at 11h

 05.02.1982.                            Alpine Combined, men

 05.02.1982.                            Slalom, women  at 10/12:30h

 06.02.1982.                            Downhill, men  at 12h

 07.02.1982.                            Slalom, men at 10/12:30h



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