06-10.02.1933. Innsbruck, Austria,                   




3rd FIS races

            06.02.1933.     at 12h              Long Downhill, men
            06.02.1933.                             Long downhill, women
            08.02.1933.                             Downhill, men
            08.02.1933.                             Downhill, women
            09.02.1933.     at 10h             Slalom, men
            09.02.1933.                             Alpine Combined, men
            10.02.1933.                             Slalom, women
            10.02.1933.                             Alpine Combined, women



            Major races of 1933.

List of the Alpine World Championships



            * This race was considered rather as a warm up for the Downhill,
            and it was later not recognised as a World Championship race.