07-15.02.1970. Val Gardena, Italy           





World Championships



            07.02.1970.                             Slalom, qualifications, men at 10h

08.02.1970.                             Slalom, men at 10h

            09.02.1970.                             giant slalom, men, 1st run at 12h
giant slalom, men, 2nd run at 12h
            10.02.1970.                             Giant Slalom, men

11.02.1970.                             Downhill, women at 12h

13.02.1970.                             Slalom, women  at 10h
            14.02.1970.                             Giant Slalom, women
at 12h
            14.02.1970.                             Alpine Combined, women

15.02.1970.                             Downhill, men    at 12h
            15.02.1970.                             Alpine Combined, men



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