Video List



Comprehensive guide through the galaxy of alpine ski racing videos on the internet



A) List by the Year              



Period before the World Cup



a1)  Interwar and WWII period         (1928 1945)


a2)  Postwar period                           (1946 1966)



World Cup



b) World Cup in XX century



b1) 1967 1980


b2) 1981 2000




c) World Cup in XXI century



c1) 2001 2020


c2) 2021 2030







B) List by the Event or Resort




b1) List by the Event



Winter Olympic Games


World Championships           





b2) List by the Resort







Alta Badia




Asian and Southern Hemispere venues


Bad Gastein






Cortina d Ampezzo








Kranjska Gora & Maribor




Lake Louise and other Canadian venues




Madonna di Campiglio & 3-TRE




Other American venues


Other Austrian venues


Other European venues


Other French venues


Other German venues


Other Italian venues


Other Swiss venues




Sankt Moritz








Vail/Beaver Creek


Val d'Isere


Val Gardena










C)  Colections



(1) Institutional



Istituto Luce

(1928 - 1974)


British Pathe

(1936 - 1980)


INA (Institute National des Archives)

(1937 - 1972)



(1949 - 2002)


filmothek bundesarchiv

(1950 - 1978)



(2003 - 2008)


FIS Alpine

(2012 2020+)







(2) Individual



Yuri Sirko

(1948 - 1985)


Archeologia dello Sport

(1967 - 2000)


Gunde Wassberg

(1977 - 1983)


Inyo Ranger

(1982 - 1987)



(1984 - 1992)



(1985 - 2005)






D) Longer videos



LP videos

(over 25 minutes of TV transmissions)


EP videos

(between 10 and 25 minutes of TV transmissions)




                                                     An Afterword




Not many Major prewar races were filmed, still fewer were saved. By the 1950s

Newsreels were covering Major races and events like Olympics and World

Championships more frequently. Usually three cinematographers were covering

the race (one the start, other the finish, and third some middle point) with footage

of more than half an hour, of which only a minute would actually make it to

the Newsreel.


From 1958. and the first TV transmission of Wengen and Grindelwald races,

a new era started, but it is unknown how many of these transmissions are saved

in the archives, waiting to be digitized. Untill around 1980s securing the broadcast

of a World Cup event was not a requirement for becoming a host of one, so many

were not broadcasted at all.


Nevertheless, by that time Newsreel become a fact of the past, and a new form of

tele-report was introduced (presumably by Reuters). Such tele reports were consisted

usually of televised runs of top 3 finishers which were distributed to news TV

channels not broadcasting ski events, and which wanted to have some movable picture

to match a short news agency report of these races.


By the 1980s another novelty appeared. Expensive professional studio magneto-scopes

were substituted by much cheaper video recorders, so beside official recordings there

was a sudden burst of private recordings, which, now digitized, make bulk of the entries

in this Video List. Unfortunately, those video heads were not always clean enough,

so in many cases pictures are of poor quality (ppq).


In this digital era, many of these recordings are now on the internet, and their average

length has significantly increased. So, for each of the latest few years there are dozens

of videos longer than 10 minutes which was a rarity before 1980s.


In this Video List, the internet addresses of all free available alpine ski racing video

material are given, whether offered by institutional providers, who own the videos,

or individual collectors, who are merely presenting them. The List is structured in

such a manner that you can search the races by the year, by the resort, or by

the provider. In many cases it is obvious that videos for the majority of World Cup

races are still missing. It would be nice if in the next edition of this List, videos for

many of them would appear, and particularly if the Broadcasting Companies start

to digitize their Archives at a larger scale.