Arlberg Kandahar races



                                    Before the World War II  

    31.03-01.04.1928.   St. Anton, Austria,                    1st Arlberg-Kandahar
       13-14.03.1929.     St. Anton, Austria,                    2nd Arlberg-Kandahar
       15-16.03.1930.     St. Anton, Austria,                    3rd Arlberg Kandahar
       15-16.03.1931.     Muerren, Switzerland,               4th Arlberg-Kandahar
       12-13.03.1932.     St. Anton, Austria,                    5th Arlberg Kandahar
       12-13.03.1933.     Muerren, Switzerland,               6th Arlberg-Kandahar
       17-19.03.1934.     St. Anton, Austria,                    7th Arlberg-Kandahar
       09-10.03.1935.     Muerren, Switzerland,               8th Arlberg-Kandahar
       07-08.03.1936.     St. Anton, Austria,                    9th Arlberg-Kandahar
       07-08.03.1937.     Muerren, Switzerland,             10th Arlberg-Kandahar.
       12-14.03.1938.     St. Anton, Austria,                  cancelled due to Anschluss*
       11-13.03.1939.     Muerren, Switzerland,            Alpine Kandahar (11th A-K)


                                    After the World War II


       15-16.03.1947.     Muerren, Switzerland,             12th Arlberg-Kandahar

       05-07.03.1948.     Chamonix, France,                  13th Arlberg-Kandahar

       12-13.03.1949.     St. Anton, Austria,                  14th Arlberg-Kandahar
       10-12.03.1950.     Muerren, Swizterland,             15th Arlberg-Kandahar
       08-10.03.1951.     Sestriere, Italy,                        16th Arlberg Kandahar
       14-16.03.1952.     Chamonix, France,                  17th Arlberg-Kandahar
       13-15.03.1953.     St.Anton, Austria,                   18th Arlberg-Kandahar
       12-14.03.1954.     Garmisch, Germany,               19th Arlberg-Kandahar
       11-13.03.1955.     Muerren, Switzerland,             20th Arlberg-Kandahar,
       09-11.03.1956.     Sestriere, Italy,                        21st Arlberg-Kandahar
       08-10.03.1957.     Chamonix, France,                  22nd Arlberg-Kandahar
       07-09.03.1958.     St.Anton, Austria,                    23rd Arlberg-Kandahar
       05-07.02.1959.     Garmisch, Germany,                24th Arlberg-Kandahar
       01-03.04.1960.     Sestriere, Italy,                        25th Arlberg-Kandahar 
       10-12.03.1961.     Muerren, Switzerland,             26th Arlberg-Kandahar
       02-04.03.1962.     Sestriere, Italy,                        27th Arlberg-Kandahar
       09-11.03.1963.     Chamonix, France,                  28th Arlberg-Kandahar
       14-16.02.1964.     Garmisch, Germany,                29th Arlberg-Kandahar
       15-17.01.1965.     St. Anton, Austria,                   30th Arlberg-Kandahar
       11-13.03.1966.     Muerren, Switzerland,              31st Arlberg-Kandahar

       03-05.03.1967.     Sestriere, Italy,                        32nd Arlberg-Kandahar
       23-25.02.1968.     Chamonix, France,                  33rd Arlberg-Kandahar
       01-02.02.1969.     St. Anton, Austria,                   34th Arlberg-Kandahar
       30-31.01.1970.     Garmisch, Germany,                35th Arlberg-Kandahar
       05-07.02.1971.     Muerren/Crans-Montana,        36th Arlberg-Kandahar,
       17-19.12.1971.     Sestriere, Italy,                        37th Arlberg-Kandahar
       25-26.01.1973.     Chamonix, France,                  38th Arlberg-Kandahar only women
     +03-04.02.1973.     St. Anton, Austria,                  38th Arlberg-Kandahar only men
       05-06.01.1974.     Garmisch, Germany,                39th Arlberg-Kandahar 

  29.01-01.02.1975.     Chamonix region, France         40th Arlberg-Kandahar
       05-08.01.1976.     Garmisch /Wengen,                 41st  Arlberg-Kandahar
      06+18.02.1977.     St. Anton/Laax,                       42nd Arlberg-Kandahar only men
     +25-26.01.1977.     Crans-Montana,                      42nd Arlberg-Kandahar only women
       11-12.02.1978.     Chamonix, France,                  43rd Arlberg-Kandahar
       27-28.01.1979.     Garmisch, Germany,                44th Arlberg-Kandahar
  26.01-04.03.1980.     Chamonix /Lac Louise,            45th Arlberg-Kandahar
  31.01-01.02.1981.     St. Anton, Austria,                   46th Arlberg-Kandahar
       13-14.02.1982.     Garmisch, Germany,                47th Arlberg-Kandahar
       05-06.02.1983.     St. Anton, Austria,                   48th Arlberg-Kandahar



        List of Major races by the resort

       Of the World Cup races after 1983, that have kept either Kandahar (in Chamonix),
      or the full Arlberg-Kandahar title, only those held in St.Anton can be regarded
      as indisputable A-K races. Those held in Garmisch, where slalom is omitted,
      and downhill was combined with super-G, unquestionably fail the test.

      On the other hand organizers of the Chamonix races explicitely call their race
      just Kandahar race (deliberately ommiting Arlberg from the race title, out of
      sheer rivalry among the ski resorts). So the fact that the format of the race
      (downhill and slalom combined) satisfies the original criterium, does not
      suffice for these race to be considered as legitimate heirs of the original
      A-K ones.


      Results of these races (covering only those top 15 or 30, who earned the world
      cup points), can be found at the FIS web site


                                    period after the year 1983

       25.01-07.02.1986. St. Anton, SLm (+ Morzine, DHm, ACm)
       21-22.12.1988. St. Anton, Austria 53rd A-K, DHm, SLm, ACm

       11-13.01.1992. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, (replacing St. Anton),
       09-10.01.1993. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, A-K, 1.DH, SL,

       18-19.12.1993. St. Anton, AK, DH,SL,ACw

       15-17.01.1999. St. Anton, DH,SL,+ SGw


    * 1938 all skiers who planned to start at A-K, due to political turmoil preceding annectation of Austria to German Reich,
    went instead to Swiss Championships held at Wengen, which became one of the major races of that year.