05-14.02.1976. Innsbruck, Austria





                        12th Winter Olympic Games


            05.02.1976.                  Downhill, men
            08.02.1976.                  Downhill, women
giant slalom 1.race, men
giant slalom 2.race, men
            10.02.1976.                  Giant Slalom, men
            11.02.1976.                  Slalom, women
            13.02.1976.                  Giant Slalom, women
            13.02.1976.                  Alpine Combined, women*
            14.02.1976.                  Slalom, men
            14.02.1976.                  Alpine Combine, men*


            *Alpine Combined event was valid for the World Championships only.
            No Olympic medals were awarded for this event. Results from all
            three events (Downhill, Slalom, and Giant Slalom) were translated
            into FIS points, and then added together to decide the outcome.



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