29.01 09.02.1964. Innsbruck, Austria



                                                                       9th Winter Olympic Games


            30.01.1964. Patscherkoffel      Downhill, men                       at 12h
            01.02.1964. Axamer Litzum    Slalom, women                       at 12h
            02.02.1964. Axamer Litzum    Giant Slalom, men                 at 12:30
            04.02.1964. Axamer Litzum    Giant Slalom, women            at 12:30

06.02.1964. Axamer Litzum    Downhill, women                   at 13h
            06.02.1964.                              Alpine Combined, women*
            07.02.1964. Axamer Litzum    
Slalom qualifications, men
            08.02.1964. Axamer Litzum    Slalom, men                           at 12h
            08.02.1964.                             Alpine Combined, men*



            Major races of 1964.

            List of Winter Olympic Games




    * Alpine Combined event counted only for the World Championships
    and not for the Olympic Games. Results from all three disciplines
    (Downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom) were translated into FIS points
    and then added together.