List of Seefeld Golden Ring & Silver Bowl (Silberkugel) races




            26.01.1930. Seegrube,                                     1st Golden Ring

29.03.1931. Seegrube,                                     2nd Golden Ring

            05-06.03.1932. Seegrube,                                3rd Golden Ring

            12-13.03.1933. Seegrube,                                4th Golden Ring        

            31.03.1935. Seegrube,                                    sc Innsbruck march race

            31.03.1935. Seefeld,                                        6th Golden Ring
            05-06.01.1936. Seefeld,                                   7th Golden Ring

            +17.02.1936. Seefeld,                                       1st  Silberkugel

            02-03.01.1937. Seefeld,                                   8th Golden Ring

            +22.02.1937. Seefeld,                                       2nd Silberkugel

            05-06.01.1938. Seefeld,                                     9th Golden Ring

            20.02.1938. Seefeld,                                         3rd  Silberkugel

            02.01.1939. Seefeld,                                         1st International Golden ring

            27.02.1939. Seefeld,                                          4th  Silberkugel

            06-07.01.1940. Seefeld,                                    2nd International Golden ring

            29-30.01.1940. Seefeld,                                    5th Silberkugel 

04.01.1941. Seefeld,                                         3rd International Golden ring

            27-28.02.1943. Seefeld,                                    4th International Golden Ring


            05-06.01.1946. Seefeld                                     10th Golden Ring
            16-17.02.1946. Seefeld                                       6th Silberkuggel  
            05.01.1947. Seefeld,                                        
11th Golden Ring
01-02.03.1947. Seefeld,                                     7th Silberkuggel


            19-20.02.1949. Seefeld,                                     5th  International Golden Ring


            10-11.02.1951.Seefeld,                                       8th Silberkugel

            18-19.03.1952. Seefeld,                                     8th International Silberkugel

            07-08.03.1953. Seefeld,                                     9th International Silberkugel

            18-19.03.1954. Seefeld,                                    10th International Silberkugel


            15-16.03.1958. Seefeld,                                   11th Silberkugel


            05-06.03.1960. Seefeld,                                   14th International Silberkrug Rennen



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