List of Bad Wiessee Night Slalom races




  23.02.1955. Bad Wiessee,                   1st Night Slalom

                        1956.                                               not held

29-30.01.1957. Bad Wiessee,               2nd Night Slalom

13.02.1958. Bad Wiesse                       3rd Night Slalom

10.02.1959. Bad Wiesee                      4th Night Slalom

18.01.1960. Bad Wiessee,                     5th Night Slalom

22.01.1961. Bad Wiessee,                    6th Night Slalom

23.01.1962. Bad Wiessee,                    7th Night Slalom

19.02.1963. Bad Wiessee                     8th Night Slalom

17.02.1964. Bad Wiessee                      9th Night Slalom

25.01.1965. Bad Wiessee,                   10th Night Slalom

24.01.1966. Bad Wiessee,                   11th Night Slalom

                      1967.                                                not held

22.01.1968? Bad Wiessee,                  12th Night Slalom



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